Home Technology iPad Air 5th generation pricing Withrow in India

iPad Air 5th generation pricing Withrow in India

iPad Air 5th generation pricing Withrow in India

Apple has shown off the fifth-generation iPad Air, which will be out in 2022.

iPad Air (2020): The new iPad Air for 2022 keeps up with the trend started by the iPad Air (2020): This is no longer a family of big iPad replacements, but rather a “light” iPad Pro replacement.

A name we gave it because it’s a fifth-generation iPad Air is “iPad Air 5.” It was shown on stage with the iPhone SE 2022, Mac Studio, and M1 Ultra chip.

The iPad Air series is Apple’s middle-of-the-road line, but we’ve seen some amazing high-end features in the past, including this one.

5G is a new feature in the iPad Air 2022. People who buy the cellular-capable model can use the internet at the fastest speeds even when they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. The Apple M1 CPU can also be used.

It will be out soon, and when it is, we will be able to give you our full review. In the meantime, we’ve put together everything you need to know about it here.

iPad Air 5th

The iPad Air 2022 release date and price

Starts at $599 for the 64GB Wi-Fi only iPad Air 2022. The price goes up when you add 5G connectivity, 256GB storage, or both, but it stays the same when you only have Wi-Fi.

When Apple held its March 2022 event, as expected, it announced the new iPad Air, just like it did before. If you want to pre-order the fifth generation tablet, you can do so on Friday, March 11, and it will go on sale a week after that.

Apple iPad (2022) price in India

In India, the cheapest way to store 64GB of data costs Rs 54,900. Costs Rs. 68900. Wi-Fi is the only thing that can be used. India’s cell phones cost Rs 68,900 (64GB) and Rs 82,900 (32GB) (256GB). It will be for sale in India on March 18.

The iPad Air 2022’s design and display

10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen: The design and screen are the same as the screen on the predecessor.
The new iPad Air doesn’t look like it has any new design or screen features over the old one.

It has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen with a resolution of 2360 x 1640, a brightness of 500 nits, a P3 wide colour gamut, True Tone, and a screen that isn’t shiny.

That said, the iPad Air 4’s screen is great no matter what you use it for. “The screen of the iPad Air 4 is a lovely size and has great quality,” we said in our review.

The dimensions of the iPad Air 2022 are also the same. However, it weighs a few grammes more than its predecessor, which you won’t even notice. This time, the tablet’s power button is built into its top edge. The Touch ID scanner is also back.

It takes a lot of work to get the crisp, flat edges that make the iPad Air series look and feel like the iPad Pro line, making it look and feel better than the more rounded iPad.

The new iPad Air comes in Space Grey, Starlight, Pink, Purple, and Blue.

Rumours regarding the iPad Air 5

People say that the iPad Air 5 will be out in March, based on current reports. An Apple event will be held on March 8. At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, where Apple CEO Steve Jobs lives.
These rumours about the iPad Air 5 make it hard for people who want to buy a new tablet. Many people will be happy with an iPad or another tablet model when it comes out in early 2022. Some people may want to wait until the iPad Air 5 comes out.

Specifications for the iPad Air 5:

Capacity: The storage capacity of 64GB and 256GB stays the same.

The M1 CPU powers the following devices:

Everyone thought the iPad Air 5 would have the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 and the iPad mini 6. Apple surprised everyone by introducing the iPad Air 5 with the M1 chip instead, which is the same chip as the iPad Air 5.

Apple says that switching to M1 results in a 60% increase in CPU performance and a double in graphics performance.

The chip that will be in the 2020 Macs is both powerful and efficient. It will be interesting to see how many people who might have bought the iPad Pro instead bought the iPad Air because it has a top-of-the-line CPU.

There is also the question of where the iPad Pro will go next. Is there going to be an iPad Pro that runs on M2?

Connectivity through USB

Keep in mind that this version has a USB-C port. It’s faster than the previous version and can move files much faster.


A 12MP ultra-wide camera is now on the front of the new iPad Air, up from a 7MP wide camera on the previous generation tablet. This camera can keep people in the frame as they move around.

Apple, on the other hand, keeps using the same 12MP, f/1.8 aperture lens, 5x digital zoom, and Smart HDR 3 that it used in the Air 2022’s predecessor.

The iPad Air 5’s display

The iPad Air 5 has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen with a resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels. Apple says the screen is 500 nits bright. The screen also has a P3 wide colour gamut, True Tone, and a screen coating that makes it less reflective.

For the iPad Air 2020, we said that its screen was bright enough to read. If the screen of the iPad Air 5 is the same as the one on the iPad Air 4, we can expect the same things to happen. Based on what we know so far, the screen of the new iPad Air looks like that of its predecessor.

Magic Keyboard with Accessories:

People who own the iPad Air 5 can use a lot of different Apple products with it. The Magic Keyboard costs $299.99, the Apple Pen 2 costs $129, the Smart Keyboard Folio costs $179, and the Smart Folio costs $79. For the new iPad Air finishes, the latter comes in black, white, orange, dark cherry and sea blue.

When will the new iPad Air be available in the UK for pre-order?

At 1 p.m. on March 11, the fifth-generation iPad Air will be available for pre-order in the United Kingdom for people who live there. Shipping and in-store sales will start on March 18, the same day as the new third-generation iPhone SE.


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